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Countering ISIS monument destruction with Million Image Database Project

emple of Baalshamin. Image © Bernard Gagnon via WikipediaIn a “digital race against IS,” The Institute for Digital Archaeology (IDA) is working with UNESCO World Heritage and NYU’s Institute for the Study of the Ancient World to launch a Million Image Database Project. The hope is to capture one million 3D images of at-risk objects by the end of 2016 by deploying up to 5,000 heavily-modified inexpensive consumer 3D cameras that will permit inexperienced users to capture archival-quality scans and upload these images automatically to database servers. Once there, they can be used for study or, if required, 3D replication via open source technology and software.

via ArchDaily

Amazing photos of a starling “murmuration”

la-fg-flock-of-starlings-fly-murmuration-20150-008 If you’ve never seen a murmuration of starlings (and probably few of us have) these photos in the LA Times will make you gasp.  A murmuration is the mass movement of an entire flock.  The photos are like a series of very temporary sculptures.

Undeveloped film from WWII and the Rescued Film Project

RescuedFilm Photographer Levi Bettweiser specializes in recovering, developing and printing “found film.”  Last year at an Ohio auction he came across 31 rolls of undeveloped film taken by an unnamed American soldier in WWII. He painstakingly processed as many as he could (some were water damaged) and the results are wonderful documentation of one soldier’s experience. There’s more background here, and this video about the project is fascinating.

You can read more about the Rescued Film Project here.

Places Journal launches new website

Plaza, Mental Health Building, Boston. [Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division, Paul Rudolph Archive]Places Journal, dedicated to public scholarship on architecture, landscape and urbanism, has a new responsive website. Browsing the Explore Places tab yields sections grouped by columnists or keywords such as Reputations, California, Ecology, Sustainability, Critical Practice and many others.

h/t SAH

New finding aids and inventories from Dumbarton Oaks

The Moche Sacrifice Ceremony depicted on a bottle in the Museo Larco, Lima. Rollout drawing by Donna McClelland (448)The Dumbarton Oaks’ Image Collections and Fieldwork Archives (ICFA) has published several new finding aids for collections in their online inventory of archival and photographic holdings, AtoM@DO. These holdings include a wide range of topics, including Byzantine and Pre-Columbian art and architecture, prehistoric sites in eastern Turkey and gardens in the United Kingdom.

via ICFA

Interactive WWI and WWII photographs

German soldiers take a rest on the steps of Vareddes town hall in France, 1914 The Red Dot folk like “Then and Now” photographs, and the Guardian has a regular series we enjoy.   A man stands near Vareddes town hall, France, March 2014 They are primarily photos from World Wars I and II, such as these 0f WWI Western Front sites (this is the Vareddes Town Hall in France), but they have also done some pre- and post-hurricane photos, before and after Detroit, etc

New Open Content at the GRI

Umbria--Perugia--Arrone--S. Maria, Image 1Last year we reported on the Open Content project at the Getty Research Institute.  In an exciting update the GRI just announced the addition of 77,000 new images.  The bulk of these are  from the Foto Arte Minore collection: photographs of art and architecture in Italy by Max Hutzel.  These photos, shot in the 1950s through the 1980s, include many buildings that have since been altered or destroyed, such as the much-changed facade of S. Maria in Arrone, Perugia, at right.  In addition, the project added nearly 5,000 images of 15th to 18th century tapestries, many of which are extremely difficult to otherwise view.   All photos are downloadable in high resolution and large size.

Read more on the Getty Iris blog here, and visit the Open Content home here.

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