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Who owns 3D scans of archaeological sites?

There was an interesting piece on NPR this week about high-resolution images, panoramas and 3D scans of archaeological sites. This type of capture is very useful for all sites, but has been particularly invaluable for sites which have been destroyed in recent years.  In addition to viewing a structure that may no longer exist,  they enable us to look at it from physically possible angles.  Many of these 3D recreations have been made by non-profits, such as CyArk or the British Museum, that need assistance with storage and access.  They have partnered with Google Arts & Culture, which has provided a platform for both, as well as a single portal for like projects.

While assembling all these resources in one place is convenient and valuable for students and educators, there has been criticism on the ethics of these collaborations.  The fact that the images are controlled by an entity other than the country where the structure resides has been called out, and was called “digital colonialism” by one critic in the NPR story.

Have a look through Google Arts & Culture, read the story, and let us know your thoughts on this by commenting here.


Virtual tour of Frank Lloyd Wright’s David and Gladys Wright House

The David & Gladys Wright House virtual tour navigation and imageThe David and Gladys Wright House is temporarily closed for public tours, but don’t let that stop you from exploring the site through a new virtual tour.

The virtual tour of the house, originally built for FLW’s son and his wife, begins with interactive floor plans of the main house and guest house, each of which are dotted with photographs, documents, video, and 360 interactive views. Once inside the 360 views, transparent circles dot the tour, either as a way to re-orient the viewer within the space or to inform by hovering the cursor over it.

If you have Google Cardboard or Samsung Gear VR, click here to view the house in Virtual Reality.

via Wright Society newsletter, Issue 36

Berlin after the War — in color and HD

Today marks the 70th anniversary of VE Day, the end of World War II in Europe when Germany’s Third Reich surrendered to Allied forces. To commemorate the anniversary, Konstantin von zur Mühlen has released “Spirit of Berlin,” a short color film with historic footage showing everyday life in the German capital in July 1945—just two months after the end of the war.

via ArchDaily

When prints are performance: A panoramic funeral fit for a duke

To commemorate the bicentenary of the Battle of Waterloo, the National Portrait Gallery in London is offering a viewing of The Funeral Procession of Arthur, Duke of Wellington, by Henry Alken and George Augustus Sala, 1853. This magnificent panorama, measuring 20.6 meters (67 feet), will be displayed in its entirety for the first time as a part of the exhibition Wellington: Triumphs, Politics and Passions. The hand-colored print was one of many souvenirs produced to commemorate Wellington’s state funeral. Can’t make it to London? Watch below:

New online resource for Gothic architecture

Autun-LazareThe team at the Media Center for Art  History at Columbia University have, over the past five years, put together a wonderful catalogue of photos, drawings, and plans of French Gothic architecture.  The site, Mapping Gothic France, lets the end user explore the content through the dimensions of Space, Time and Narrative.  The site also includes interactive maps, panoramas, and plans that show the angle and position of each photo.  And – the tools allow the user to do building comparisons (e.g. by nave height, aisle width, floor plan, elevation, and more).   A really wonderful use of new technologies.

Charles and Ray Eames’ Powers of Ten

Powers of TenA Slate essay revisits the iconic Charles and Ray Eames nine-minute film Powers of Ten created for IBM and narrated by physicist Philip Morrison. Illustrated with the video and a “Making of…” slideshow, the essay discusses the ground breaking process behind the awe-inspiring still and aerial photography that captures Chicago.

Experience the documenta 13 3D tour

For those who were unable to get to Kassel, Germany this summer for documenta 13, here’s your chance to virtually experience installations at all venues. The 360°-Tour offers participants numerous ways to navigate the vast system of projects: by visitor’s favorites (with accompanying video), by a room-by-room “walk through” of each venue, by individual works of art chosen from a map, or by artist. Additional projects are web based.

hat tip to Laurie Monahan

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