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Los Angeles Art Show: January 11-15, 2017

The LA Art Show, January 11-15, 2017, Los Angeles Convention Center West Hall

Mark your calendars for the 22nd edition of the LA Art Show: Modern | Contemporary, which will be held January 11-15, 2017 in the West Hall of the LA Convention Center. This ever-evolving art fair will feature innovative galleries, lectures, and artist performances that showcase premier Modern and Contemporary work.

Digital World of Art History 2013: From Theory to Practice

Princeton’s Index of Christian Art, along with the university’s Visual Resources Collection, Department of Art & Archaeology, hosts an annual conference that addresses “high level current methodologies” and offers case studies of public digital archives. These lectures are now available in electronic (pdf) copies and explore topics such as new ways of teaching with images and how digital archives can foster and enhance research.

Ancient Borderlands conference April 13-14, 2012

The Ancient Borderlands Research Focus Group at UCSB has announced the Third Ancient Borderlands International Graduate Student Conference: Conflict, Consensus, and the Crossing of Boundaries in the Premodern World. The conference is scheduled for Friday, April 13 from 3:00-5:30 pm and Saturday, April 14 from 9:45 am-6:00 pm in the McCune Conference Room, HSSB 6020. Bradley Parker (Associate Professor of Ancient Near Eastern History and Archaeology, University of Utah) will give the keynote address. Click here to download the conference flyer.

1500 years of Chinese painting comes to life

UC Berkeley announced a new online lecture series by Professor Emeritus James Cahill. The series, A Pure and Remote View: Visualizing Early Chinese Landscape Painting, consists of videotaped introductions with high resolution images and offers “the first comprehensive narrative and unparalleled view of one of the world’s longest and most continuous pictorial art traditions.” The project is sponsored by the Institute of East Asian Studies and can be found, with accompanying lecture notes, here. The video files and lecture notes are to be viewed, downloaded, and used freely by anyone; see the IEAS website for further copyright information.

UCSB Art History Association event on Oct. 27

The Department of the History of Art and Architecture and UCSB Art History Association are co-hosting an Informational Meeting and Halloween Bash for History of Art and Architecture majors, minors, or those curious about the degree and where it will take you. There will be a series of short presentations about some of the requirements and opportunities in the department (e.g., guidelines for the major, EAP, internships, the HAA Honor’s Program) and job possibilities after graduation. There will be time for Q&A and mingling, with refreshments — and masks! — provided. Costumes are also welcome.

Download a flyer here

UCSB Dept. of Art colloquium starts this week

The Department of Art’s Fall colloquium series begins September 27, with a talk by curator and critic Bruce Ferguson.

The full schedule with speaker bios is here.  The program is co-sponsored by Art and the College of Creative Studies, and this quarter has been organized by Dick Hebdige.

Art History Graduate Student Symposium: April 29-30, 2011

Join us for the 36th Annual Art History Graduate Student Symposium: “Moralities in the Visual Arts”. The symposium kicks off Friday with a 4:00 pm keynote address in Theater and Dance Room 1701 by Richard Dyer (Professor of Film Studies, King’s College, London). Saturday’s panels are in Life Sciences 1001 and conclude with a  keynote address by Pamela Fletcher (Associate Professor of Art History, Bowdoin College).

For a flyer, click here. For more information, including schedule and speaker abstracts, click here.

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