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A lovely marriage of Dutch painting and digital magic

This little video is quite a dreamy thing  – digital animations of several Rijksmuseum paintings.

A company named CS Digital Media  created these animations as large scale “digital posters” to recognize the anniversary of the Rijksmuseum renovation.  (They were on display in various Amsterdam metro stations, unfortunately only for a week.)

You can see more of their animated Rembrandts creations on YouTube

Art auction quiz

The New York Times has a quiz today, “Are You Smarter than a Billionaire?” which asks you to guess which item, in a pair from this week’s auction sales, got the highest price.   There are some surprises.  To help get you in the right frame of price reference: the Modigliani below fetched $170 million.


LA museums embracing digital innovations

Culture Monster highlights innovative examples of how various museums in Los Angeles are using digital technology:

  • Natural History Museum of Los Angeles: Interactive CT scans offer another way to access mummies
  • Autry National Center: In the exhibition space, first-person stories of characters features in the “Civil War” exhibit play as films from user-activated “daguerreotypes” (and, not mentioned in the article but on the website, playlists offer evocative music from the era)
  • GETTY-inspiredGetty Museum: Pushed for global open collection content and a #GettyInspired digital initiative to encourage interactivity with museum visitors
  • LACMA: Their new location-aware app is less straight didactic information and more conversational, so views spend more time with the art than their devices
  • The Huntington: Seven iPads are installed in strategic spots around the galleries to offer contextual information in the historic rooms
  • The Broad mobile appThe Broad: The new museum’s app has Bluetooth technology to be location-aware both outside and inside the museum, and will send a push notification with invitations and contextually aware information
  • MOCA: Eschewing “distracting” in-museum apps, the museum’s updated website seeks to engage viewers before and after visits

Check out a special Museums section in the New York Times for highlights on how New York museums use technology to engage visitors.

New insight into medieval manuscript illumination

How many times have you imagined what artists talked about as they worked?  What questions did they ask, what observations did they make, how did they work with others?  Well now one writer has got into the heads of two medieval monks as they work on their manuscripts, one more senior and experienced, the other a novice with many questions.  Enjoy!

Two monks invent bestiaries

Enjoy the whole Two Monks Inventing Things series (and try not to get too frustrated with all the ads and plug-ins….)

Amazing photos of a starling “murmuration”

la-fg-flock-of-starlings-fly-murmuration-20150-008 If you’ve never seen a murmuration of starlings (and probably few of us have) these photos in the LA Times will make you gasp.  A murmuration is the mass movement of an entire flock.  The photos are like a series of very temporary sculptures.

SoCal “Museums Free-For-All” on January 31

lacmaMark your calendars for Saturday, January 31, when Southern California museums will band together for their tenth annual “Museums Free-For-All” Free Admission Day. The event will have over twenty museums—presenting art, cultural heritage, natural history, and science—opening their doors to visitors to explore their permanent collections (note that this offer will not apply to specially ticketed exhibitions nor parking fees). You can find a list of participating museums here.

CA Arts License Plates now make great gifts

Wayne Thiebaud, CA License Plate, 1994 (California DMV)A while back we posted a great way to support the California Arts Council: getting a license plate featuring Coastline, a sunset-and-palm-tree motif designed by artist Wayne Thieboud. The most recent good news is that this “special interest” plate, the first specialty plate in the U.S. designed solely to benefit the arts, can now be given as a gift Voucher Card that recipients can redeem online.

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