Why a red door?

We’re settling in to our new home at Ellison, and getting to like our new red doors more and more.  Since the fire marshal required us to get a big metal door we thought the least we can do is have it painted an interesting color.  Why red?  In addition to the color having a nice tie-in to our Red Dot blog, it seems red doors have a mostly positive significance.  For example:

  • A red door means Welcome according to an early American tradition.
  • In Ireland a red door is meant to ward off ghosts and evil spirits.
  • According to Feng Shui, a red door is the mouth through which positive energy and opportunities enter.
  • In China  a red door signifies Good Luck.
  • For people fleeing via the Underground Railroad a red door indicated a safe house.

One interpretation that doesn’t apply: In Scotland a red door indicates that the house is paid off and mortgage-free.  Not us!  And here’s a good red door anecdote: apparently Albert Einstein’s front door was painted red as he otherwise couldn’t recognize his house.  Welcome Professor Einstein!  And welcome to all our new neighbours and colleagues – please stop by and say hello.


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