The stuff in museum basements

The New York Times had a fascinating report on all the ‘stuff’ in museum storage that never gets put on display, and is often of very low value or interest. Much of this is due to gifts from donors that come with restrictive agreements, causing a tenfold collection expansion at some institutions in the last 50 years  The cost of storing and caring for their holdings, and expanding this storage, is unsustainable for most institutions, so many are looking for ways to de-accession selected items. The Indianapolis Museum of Art has developed a grading system, A-D, with all D-grade items being considered for sale or donation to other institutions.

Read the whole article, and test your assessment skills on the rating quizzes!

All the UK’s 150,000 public sculptures to go online

Sculptures at Perth Museum and Art Gallery being photographed for Art UK's sculpture project © Sophia Sheppard/Art UK

© Sophia Sheppard/Art UK

The first 1,000 of Britain’s 150,000 publicly-owned sculptures have been published this week thanks to a project organized by Art UK. These works are global in nature and range in date from c. 1000 CE to modern times. The project includes photographing works that have yet to be been properly documented and the remaining works should be catalogued and online by the end of next year. This joins a similar Art UK project completed in 2012 that recorded the country’s 200,000 oil paintings.

via The Art Newspaper

The Best Bauhaus Documentaries Available to Watch Online

The Best Bauhaus Documentaries Available to Watch Onlinevia ArchDaily

This year marks a century of Bauhaus. Despite dramatic shifts in technology, taste, and style in architecture in the years since, Bauhaus remains one of the most significant subjects of architectural/design education and has even captured the interest of the wider public.

As part of their celebrations of the Bauhaus movement, the folks at ArchDaily have selected some of the best Bauhaus documentaries available online now. that feature largely-unseen footage, exclusive interviews, and/or unique perspectives on the Bauhaus.

CA State Archives Digitizes The Alfred Eichler Collection

CA State Archives Digitizes The Alfred Eichler Collection

From the CA Sectretary of State press release:

“For the first time, the California States Archives has digitized its entire collection of esteemed architect Alfred Eichler’s drawings, sketches, and watercolors. This collection of 431 images of his public project designs spans from 1925 to 1962. The complete collection is searchable and can be browsed on the Secretary of State’s website.” Click here to view the State Archives Complete Collection of Alfred Eichler’s Project Designs.

Eichler both sketched and designed many of the buildings at the University of California, Santa Barbara during and after its construction. These specifically include classroom units and other buildings from when the university was known as “Santa Barbara State College” such as the Horticultural Unit, the Science, Art and Library Buildings and the Industrial Education Building.

Take a 360-degree look around Buckingham Palace

Use the BBC News 360 video to walk through the palace’s rooms and discover some of the most treasured objects in the Royal Collection Trust.

DIL Mapping workshop: How to Make Maps

Please join the Image Resource Center for the first talk in our new series, Mapping, which will cover data visualization, map creation, digital recreation, as well as provide an introduction to mapping tools and resources.

Our first speaker in the series is Professor Keith Clarke from the Department of Geography at UCSB, who will present How to Make Maps.  Professor Clarke’s research focuses on Cartography and Geographic Information Science. He is the author of numerous books and articles, including Maps & Web Mapping an “introduction to the history, principles and current technologies used in mapping and cartography.” His courses include Cartographic Design and Geovisualization, Maps in Science and Society, and Maps and Spatial Reasoning. He recently gave a GRIT talk entitled “Mapping the Great Indoors,” which addresses the challenges of documenting internal (non-GPS range) space – you can view “Mapping the Great Indoors” here.

In How to Make Maps, Professor Clarke will provide an overview of map-making, followed by a real time creation of a map to demonstrate the application of open source tools. He will demonstrate resources that enable the discovery and ingest of map data, map creation, design and editing, and publishing. The goal is for attendees to be able to create their own map for a paper, publication or web site.

Time: Wednesday, October 31, 2-4:00pm

Place: The Digital Image Lab, inside Arts room 1245

Please send any inquiries to Jackie Spafford:

Behold this presidential group portrait

The painting below, “The Republican Club” by Andy Thomas, hangs in the White House, in the Oval Office in fact.  It depicts several living and dead Republican presidents.  This article in the Guardian breaks down each individual portrait very nicely.  Discuss!

Points for identification of the fellow in the background on the right.

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